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<Warts, octopus, corn>

Warts are commonly referred to as warts that rise from the skin, but there are various types of warts, such as viral warts caused by viruses and senile warts that can occur as age-related changes.

It is usually benign, but some warts also have skin cancer, so you should stop leaving them alone for self-diagnosis. Viral warts can be transmitted. Since the skin has a barrier function to prevent invasion from foreign enemies, it tends to be easily transferred to children and the elderly with relatively low immunity.

You may be able to squeeze on the soles of your feet like a pen, for example, where the load is always likely to be applied. It is caused by the thickening of the keratin and the skin is not defeated by the constant load. When the pen octopus that was used when it was small becomes an adult, it will not hold the pen so much, but if the decompression is done properly, the octopus will disappear. If not decompressed, the octopus will become harder and harder, damaging deeper skin and may cause ulcers. Since the corn has a hard core, pain symptoms are more likely to appear than octopus, and it is less likely to become severe because it is often noticed earlier, but surprisingly, this is more likely to become severe, especially for people with diabetes. not.

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