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<Acne / Acne Scars>
​Excessive oil secretion from the sebaceous glands can cause hair clogs. Then, acne bacteria, which are indigenous bacteria on the skin, multiply and acne is formed. Antibacterial agents are often effective against acne that has formed, but even if the growth of bacteria is temporarily suppressed, if the sebum root clogging does not improve, acne may repeat.
Since chemical peels improve the passage of clogged pores, it is expected to improve the skin quality, which makes it difficult for indigenous bacteria to propagate, so to speak, to prevent acne.
Inflammation deep in the skin caused by repeated acne can form crater-like scars (acne scars). Once a scar is formed, it cannot be reduced to zero, but it causes wound healing and induces scar remodeling by making scars that are not scarred by Dermalola. In the process, crater scars may gradually become less noticeable.
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