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Why our hospital is chosen

✔ Reliable medical treatment by a specialist

✔ Outpatient that does not keep you waiting

✔ Hospitality and cleanliness 

With the appearance of the clinic

Inside the hospital


It is a building that stands out in a corner of Itabashi Honcho Shopping Street, a 5-minute walk from Exit 1A of Itabashi Honcho Station . Our hospital is located in the building next to the police box near the Itabashi Bologna Children's Picture Book Building.

Inside the hospital:

If you come to the 2nd floor by the elevator or the stairs, the reception will be in front of the entrance. Our clinic puts cleanliness first.


③ When the examination is over, we will call you at the accounting counter one by one, so please make the payment.

[Flow of medical treatment]

① Present your insurance card at the reception.

Please fill in the questionnaire.

If you are visiting the hospital for the first time, you can fill out a questionnaire in advance.
Download the form here.

➁ Please wait in the waiting room.

If you call, please go to the medical examination.

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