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<Keloid / Scar>

Once matured, scars will remain forever. If the wound does not heal smoothly due to an infection or the wound opens, the scar may remain slightly raised. Such scars are called hypertrophic scars.

Scars cannot be zeroed out, but scar repair surgery can be replaced with scars along the wrinkles of the skin, or with zigzag scars (blurring effect) to make them relatively inconspicuous.

A scar that grows like a tumor beyond the original size of the wound due to heredity and constitution is called a keloid. If you have a keloid constitution, insect bites and acne may also be the cause. Therefore, scar-correcting surgery for keloids is often not indicated because the invasion can induce keloids. Conservative treatment such as administration of drugs that calm keloid activity is desired.

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