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Changes in the eyes greatly affect the impression of the person. If the single layer is doubled, the eyelid opening itself will not change, but the eyes will look crisp. You can easily make doubles with eyelid glue or tape. However, although these items are not a problem for occasional use, regular daily use causes problems such as thickening of the eyelid skin and stretching of the skin.
There are two types of double formation performed by the clinic: burial and incision. The burial method creates a double by fixing it to the cartilage-like plate (tarsal plate) on the back of the eyelid with nylon thread to the desired double width. The recovery period (downtime) after the treatment is short, and to put it plainly, there is no swelling that is worrisome in public after the treatment. If the thread comes off, the line disappears. On the contrary, if you remove the thread, you can put it back, so it is a procedure that you can redo.
On the other hand, the incision method makes a double incision by making an incision with the desired double width and adhering the wound to the tissue in front of the palpebral plate. Once the tissue has adhered, it does not easily come off, so it can be said to be a double formation that cannot be removed. However, it is a procedure that cannot be undone and is difficult to correct. The swelling continues for about a week. The degree of swelling seems to be noticeable.
Each person has his or her own taste for the double shape. In order to meet your request, we may perform an incision in the inner corner of the eye, degreasing of orbital fat, and removing tarmi.
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