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<Decubitus ulcer>
Bed sores (decubitus) are more likely to occur in people who have difficulty turning over or who have difficulty turning and are in a wheelchair. This is because if the skin remains sandwiched between the grounded floor or chair and the protruding bones, the circulation of the skin will be impaired and the skin will eventually become necrotic. Originally, when the skin becomes ischemic, there are pain symptoms, so healthy people unconsciously turn over or lift their hips, but as mentioned earlier, if that is not possible, bedsores can easily occur. Will occur. Once bedsores occur, they often progress to chronic ulcers, which makes treatment difficult. Therefore, prevention of bedsores is very important. For those who have difficulty turning over, you can prevent it by assisting them in turning over every 3 to 4 hours or by using a mattress that can decompress. For those who are wheelchair-bound due to physical disabilities, it can be prevented by using push-up guidance and cushions that can be decompressed.
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