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<Epidermoid cyst / lipoma>

Originally, old keratin peels off and sebum floats on the skin. For some reason, epidermoid cysts are subcutaneously embedded in the epithelial components of the skin to form sac-like formations. Then, old keratin and sebum will accumulate and come into contact as a lump. It is often a benign subcutaneous tumor, and it is okay to follow the course, but it is annoying because it often causes suppuration when the old keratin and sebum accumulated in the bag are combined with a bacterial infection. Generally, surgery to remove the bag is required. How to take out the bag with a small wound and cure it is a showcase for the plastic surgeon's arm.

Lipomas, like epidermoid cysts, can be lumped under the skin. Lipomas are masses of fat in which solid fat cells proliferate, whereas epidermoid cysts are sac-like. Most of them are benign, but rarely there is a malignant tumor called liposarcoma.

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