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​★ Eyelash growth
This medicine was developed as an eyelash growth drug, focusing on the thickening of the eyelashes of patients treated for glaucoma. It has been used for a long time as a treatment for glaucoma, and there are no reports of adverse events with serious sequelae so far.
★ Diet treatment
Diet treatment includes diet and exercise. Both treatments are important, but there are treatments that primarily help with calorie restriction in medical institutions. I am worried that medicines that lose weight may be harmful to my health. Of course, if you use it for thin people, it may harm your health, but if you can not stop drinking and eating and you may have lifestyle-related diseases such as hypertension and hyperlipidemia, you need a diet treatment drug. I can feel it.
★ Hair and thinning hair treatment
It is thought that one of the causes of thinning hair due to the progress of hair loss is that male hormones are predominant due to constitution and heredity. Growing solid hair roots will prevent hair loss. Nutrition is still important for growing moist hair roots, and it is the blood circulation of the scalp that carries the nutrition to the hair roots. There are medicines for treating hair thinning that antagonize the action of male hormones on hair roots and medicines that promote blood circulation to hair roots.
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