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<Beautiful skin>
It is difficult to define beautiful skin, but I think it is skin that has no stains and is elastic and firm.
​ Melanin is produced to protect the skin from UV rays. When the excretion of melanin deteriorates with age or the melanocytes that produce melanin become abnormal, the accumulated melanin appears in spots. These stains can be lightened with laser or phototherapy.
The skin has a dermis layer made of collagen. You can feel the elasticity and tension of the skin due to the dermis layer. Unfortunately, the production of collagen in the dermis layer becomes coarser with age. As the skin loses its elasticity and tension, wrinkles become more noticeable.
Ultraviolet rays can be said to be the cause of spots and wrinkles. Damage to the skin caused by UV rays accelerates aging. It is no exaggeration to say that UV protection is anti-aging.
Placenta is a placenta-derived growth factor that activates cells. By activating cells, it promotes liver repair in liver diseases, relieves unpleasant symptoms caused by menopause, and is becoming a panacea for various diseases. In cosmetology, it can be expected to have a beautiful skin effect by promoting the production of collagen and the excretion of melanin.
Vitamin C has antioxidant and melanin production effects on the skin, so it seems to be the best supplement in terms of beautiful skin.
Vitamin B (garlic injection) helps to recover from fatigue and repair muscles and nerves. May be used by athletes after excessive training.
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