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Doctor introduction
Director Satoshi Hayashi
medical doctor
Plastic surgeon
Graduated from Nihon University in 2006
2008 Completed initial training at Kawaguchi Saiseikai Hospital
Joined the Department of Plastic Surgery, Tohoku University in 2008.
Study at related hospitals including university hospitals.
2013 Graduated from Tohoku University Graduate School
2013 Takeda General Hospital Plastic Surgery
2015 Director of Shiromoto Clinic Takasaki Institute
2017 Director, Itabashi Honcho Dermatology and Plastic Surgery
Affiliated academic society
Japan Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Japanese Society of Wound Surgery
Japanese Society of Cosmetic Surgery (JSAPS)
Papers / Achievements
・ Guidelines of the Japanese Society of Wound Surgery-Chronic Wounds- "Sternum Osteomyelitis / Mediastinitis" "Infection Control"
・ About the approach to limb rescue from the viewpoint of plastic surgeon Diabetes Frontier2011 22 (3) 248-252
・ Low-energy extracorporeal shock wave therapy enhances skin wound healing in diabetic mice: a critical role of endothelial nitric oxide synthase.WRR.2012 Nov-Dec; 20 (6): 887-95.
・ A case of lower limb ischemia that was able to save limbs with extensive muscle necrosis covering two compartments of the lower leg Wound Vol. 4 (2013) No. 1 p. 55-61
Staff recruitment
Would you like to work with us?

Our clinic is looking for nursing assistants and medical office staff.


You can also adjust the working hours to suit your lifestyle.

Age, qualification, and experience do not matter, so please contact us first.

Thank you for visiting our website.
Nice to meet you, I'm Satoshi Hayashi, the director of the hospital. This time, we will open "Itabashi Honcho Dermatology and Plastic Surgery" in a corner of Itabashi Honcho Shopping Street.
We provide medical care for general dermatological diseases.
In addition, since we are a plastic surgeon who is familiar with cosmetology, we also perform day surgery such as eyelid ptosis and double surgery.
I want to protect your beauty and skin health.

Hospital overview

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