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<Axillary odor>

This is what is commonly referred to as armpit. There are two types of sweat glands that secrete sweat. One is the liquid sweat you imagine, which is secreted by the eccrine glands, and the other is the protein-rich, drenched sweat, which is secreted by the apocrine glands. When the sweat secreted by the latter apocrine gland is broken down by bacteria, it has a slightly unique odor. People with developed apocrine glands can feel a unique odor from the top of their clothes, even if they use perfumes or antiperspirants. Many Asians seem uncomfortable with this odor and are not ill at all, but they may wish to be treated.

At our hospital, armpit surgery is also performed. Since the apocrine glands near the hair roots under the skin are excised under direct vision, the odor improves as the apocrine glands are reduced in weight.

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