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<Ingrown nail>
It tends to occur on the thumb of the foot, which is easily loaded. Because the direction of extension of the nail is not fixed, it will grow straight when a moderate load is applied, but in the part where the load is applied such as the thumb, the meat on both sides of the nail rides on the edge of the nail. (The state where the nail is biting), the nail will not stretch straight and will fall downward. Therefore, if you wear shoes with a cramped tip that makes it easier for your thumb to be loaded, or if you make deep nails with a nail clipper, your nails will be more likely to bite, and it may be easier for you to become an incurvated nail. In other words, it can be prevented depending on how you choose your shoes and how you cut your nails, and if it is mild, it will be cured. For moderate to severe incurvated nails, we perform nail correction using a wire and surgery (phenol method) to partially remove the biting nail.
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